In this article, we will create a auto-reply message for users asking for help in the channel. If the message contains certain keywords, the bot will auto-reply with all the help articles with links for reference.

Step 1: Create a Trigger for Channel Message and check if it contains specific keywords

Here, we will create a trigger for any message sent out by users in the support channel of your server. If the message starts with "How to" or "How can", it'll auto-reply the user with a message containing links to help articles.

  1. Open the BotDisco Dashboard.

  2. Click on the "+ New Flow" button.

  3. Select the trigger named "New Channel Message".

  4. Identify which text channel you want to create a trigger for any message sent out by users. Here, we have selected the channel name as "faq".

  5. Next, Click "Add Action" and then select "Filter".

  6. Create 2 conditions using "Or", each to check whether the message contains "How to" or "How can" respectively. This will make the flow valid only for messages that contains these specific words.

Step 2: Send out the auto-message to the user if the message conditions matches

  1. Click "Add Action"

  2. Select the "Send Channel Message" in the pop-up window

  3. Select which channel you want to send the notification. Here, we are selecting same channel that we used in Step 1 (i.e "faq").

  4. Write the channel message with link to helpdesk articles for user's reference. Add further details as you wish.

  5. Lastly, active the flow at the top right corner and turn it "ON". Done, your trigger is live.

Step 3: Test the trigger on your Discord server

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