In this article, we will send a warning to a member who uses a bad word in your server. Kick the user out if the member sends a bad word again.

Step 1: Set-up the Member Field

  1. Go to your BotDisco Dashboard.

  2. Click on the Member Fields tab on your left.

  3. Now create 1 Member Fields as follows:






Count the no. of warnings given to the user

Step 2: Update the warning count using the default "Delete Bad Words" flow in your BotDisco Dashboard

  1. Go to your BotDisco Dashboard.

  2. Click on the default flow named "Delete Bad Words".

  3. Click "Add Action". Select the trigger as "Set Member Field".

  4. Select the Member Field as "warning" and increase its value by 1 (this will update the count of warning the user has got).

Step 3: Check if user got 2 warnings to kick the user out from the server

Now we'll check whether the user has again used a bad word in the server or not.

  1. Click "Add Action". Select the Trigger as "Filter".

  2. Check if warning (Member Field) is greater than or equal to "2".

  3. If yes, then Click "Add Action" and Select the trigger as "Kick".

  4. Select the member as the "user that sent the message" and give the reason why he was kicked.

Step 4: Test the trigger

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