In this article, we will create a system to broadcast certain messages only those users in your Discord server who have sent more than 10 messages in your server.

Step 1: Create a private a channel for the select users

  1. Go to your Discord Server Settings, select "Roles"

  2. Create a new role called "Gold Role".

  3. Then, go back to your server and create a private channel called "Gold Members" that allows access to members having "Gold Role".

Note: All admins will by default have access to this channel

Step 2: Set-up the Member Fields & Channel trigger to update message count

  1. Go to your BotDisco Dashboard

  2. Click on the Member Fields tab on your left

  3. Now create 1 Member Fields as follows:






To store the no. of messages user sent

Next, create a Channel Trigger and use Set Member Field option to increase Msg_Count by 1. This trigger then automatically updates message counts of each user when they send a message in a given channel.

Step 3: Check and allocate Gold Role if eligible

After updating the message count for the user that sent the message, we'll check if he/she is eligible for Gold Role status or not.

  1. Click "Add Action" and select "Filter".

  2. Select if member field Msg_Count is >10

  3. Click "And" and add another condition as User Role "does not equal" Gold Role

  4. Next, Click 'Add Action" and select "Add Role". Then select the user that sent the message and allocate the "Gold Role".

  5. Finally, send a channel message in "Gold Members" channel that you created in Step 1 to let the user know.

Step 4: Test the trigger

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