In this article, we'll create a bot that assigns a role when a user sends its first message in your server.

Please refer to the video in this article for reference.

STEP 1: Create a new role in your Discord server

We're going to assign this role named "Active User" to anyone that sends a message.

STEP 2: Create a flow on BotDisco

Go to the BotDisco's dashboard and click on "+ New Flow".

STEP 3: Choose a trigger to start the flow

Select "New Channel Message" as a trigger

Note: If you want to track the user sending a message in a particular channel, then select a channel from the dropdown list. If not, then leave this optional field blank.

STEP 4: Check if the user already doesn't have the role to be assigned

Click on "Add Action" and Click "Filter"

From the Drop Down menu, select "User that sent the message-> Roles", now in the Conditions tab, Choose "(Text) Does not contain" and in the Value tab, choose the Role you want to assign to the new user (here, "Active Role").

STEP 5: Assign the role

Click "Add Action" and then select "Add a role"

Now in the member tab, select "User that sent a message" and in the Role tab, Select

the role you want to assign to the new user (here, "Active Role").

And finally, activate the flow using the button at the top right corner. Itโ€™s done.

STEP 6: Test the trigger on your server

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