Step 1: Create a channel for admins/mods only

Note: Skip to Step 2, if you already have a dedicated channel for admins in your server.

  1. Enter your server.

  2. Hover to Channel Category where to want to create the channel and then Click the "+".

  3. Name the Channel as you want. Since this is a channel only for select members (admins/mods), select the Private Channel option.

  4. Select the roles/members you want to add in the channel. If you skip without selecting, it'll select all users with Admin rights by default.

Step 2: Create a Trigger for Channel Message on BotDisco's Dashboard

Suppose I want to create a trigger for any message sent out by users in the channel named "General".

  1. Open the BotDisco Dashboard.

  2. Click on the "+ New Flow" button.

  3. Select the trigger named "New Channel Message".

  4. Identify which text channel you want to create a trigger for any message sent out by users.

Step 3: Identify if the user message contains the "Keyword/Secret Phrase"

  1. Click "Add Action"

  2. Select the "Filter" option at the top right of the pop-up window

  3. Fill out the fields as you require. Please note, the input keyword is case sensitive. Use "Or" condition to add if you want to add other keywords.

Note: Here, we are tracking if the message contains a keyword "Subscription" or "subscription".

Step 4: Send out the notification in the admins/mods channel with message and user details

  1. Click "Add Action"

  2. Select the "Send Channel Message" in the pop-up window

  3. Select which channel you want to send the notification. Here, we are selecting admins/mods channel that we created in Step 1.

  4. Select the notification details you want to send in the mods channel. Here, we showing the name of the user and the message contents.

  5. Lastly, active the flow at the top right corner and turn it "ON". Done, your trigger is live.

Step 5: Test the trigger on your Discord server

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