In the image below, you can see I'm tracking member points, twitter urls, and coins. From the BotDisco Members tab I can see all of these field values for my server members.

Here's how to create custom member fields that track data on your members.

Create a member field

In the image below, I'm creating a member field called "twitter" to track Twitter urls.

I made the field a Text type and gave it a description of "The member's Twitter url"

Set the value for a member field

One way to set a value for member fields is by directly editing the value from the Members tab.

Another way to set a member field value is by using the "Set Member Field" action in the flow. I made a slash command called /set-socials where users can set their own social links.

Every Discord community is a little different. With BotDisco you can customize what data you need to track based on your community's needs.

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