Step 1: Make sure you have a channel for moderators only

If you don't have one already, create a channel in Discord for moderators only. This is where the help requests will be sent to.

Step 2: Create a new Flow with the Slash Command Trigger

Step 3: Rename the flow (optional)

I named the flow "request-help" so I can easily see what this flow does.

Step 4: Configure the Slash command to take a message option

This command takes an option named "message" that is the message to be sent to the moderators.

Step 5: Let the user know the message is being sent

Modify the message in step 2 to tell the user that their message is being sent.

Step 6: Send the message to the moderators

Add an action to send the user's message to the moderators.

Send the message in the #moderators channel. Make sure to include the message variable in the message you send to the moderators.

Step 7: Don't forget to turn the flow on!

See it work!

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