When users say the secret password, give them the secret role.

Step 1: Create your Secret role in Discord

You may already have a role you want to use for this, but if not, here's how to easily create a role called Secret Role.

Step 2: Create a New Flow with the "New Channel Message" trigger

Step 3: Rename the Flow (optional)

I renamed the flow to "Secret Password Role" so that I can easily see what this flow is supposed to do.

Step 4: Pick a channel to watch for the password (Optional)

I picked my #general channel. This flow will only check for the secret password in the #general channel. If you leave this field blank or set it to empty text, like "", it will watch every channel in your server.

Step 5: Add a Filter

Step 6: Configure the Filter

Configure the filter to only continue if...

The message that was sent Contains S3cr3tPa$$w0rd

Then, add another condition by clicking "+ AND"

Step 7: Check if the User has the Secret Role Already

The second conditon is to check if the user has the role already. We don't want to add the role again if they already have the role.

User that sent the message -> Roles Does not contain Secret Role

Step 8: Add the Secret role

At this point, we know that the user sent a message with the secret password AND they don't have the secret role already, so let's add the secret role!

Step 9: Send a channel message (optional)

Step 10: Don't forget to turn the flow on!

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