In this example, we're going to add a role to a member when they first send a message in Discord. The flow will look like this:

User Sends a message > IF they don't have the [Active User] role > THEN add the role

Step 1: Create a role in Discord to track who has sent a message

You may already have a role created in Discord that you want to use. If not, you can easily create one. In the image below I'm creating a role called "Active User". We're going to assign this role to anyone that sends a message.

Step 2: Go to the BotDisco Builder and Create a New Flow

Step 3: Select "New Channel Message" trigger

In order to assign a role when someone sends their first message, we need to trigger the flow using the "New Channel Message" trigger.

Step 4: (Optional) rename the flow to "Assign a role on first message".

Giving the flow a name is a good idea because you'll be able to easily see what the flow is supposed to do just by reading the flow name.

Step 5: (Optional) Configure a specific channel to trigger the flow

If you want to track the user sending a message in a particular channel, then select a channel from the dropdown list. But if you want to track the user sending their first message across every channel, then leave this optional field blank.

Step 6: Add a filter

Click Add Action > Filter

Configure the filter to only continue IF the user does NOT have the Active User role.

The filter should look like this:

User that sent the message -> Roles Does not contain Active user

IMPORTANT: Make sure you double check your filter so that it looks like the one above!

Step 7: Add the "Add Role" action

This action should be configured to add the Active User role to the person that sent the message.

Step 8: Turn on the flow

The last step is to the flow on!

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