Member fields are custom attributes for anyone in your Discord server.

For example, let's give everyone a member field called points.

Here, I'm naming the member field points and making it a type of Number. You can always change the name and description later, but you can't change the type.

I think I'll give myself 10 points just because!

In this flow example below, I'm decreasing the number of points someone has by 1 every time they say a bad word.

There's endless things you can do with member fields. Here are some ideas:


Create a number member field called kudos and a slash command that lets someone give kudos to someone else in the server. Members can only give kudos if they still have kudos left to give When they give kudos, decrease their kudos value by 1. Everyone gets 3 kudos that they can give out.

Social sharing

Create a text member field called socials. Then, create a slash command that takes in options for links to members' social media. Add those links to the socials member field. Create another slash command for viewing a member's social links.


Create a number field called warnings that tracks the number of warnings an admin gives a member. To take this a step farther, create a filter in a flow that checks if the number of warning are greater than 3. If they are, kick the member!

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