Custom slash commands give your Discord Server endless abilities.

Discord Slash Commands Example

For example, with BotDisco you can have a slash command /purge that deletes a serveral messages in the channel at once. This is helpful if you want to clean up spam messages. Pretty cool!

Just type / in the message bar of any Discord channel and you should see a list of all the slash commands that Discord server has.

Here are the important things you need to know to make you an expert at building custom slash commands...

1. Options

Some commands have options. The slap command has an option called member.

The slap command needs to know, "who do you want to slap?"

In the image above you can see how this is set up in BotDisco.

  1. Give the option a type. In this case "User"

  2. Give the option a name, in this case member

  3. Give the option a description, in this case "Who to slap?"

  4. Make the option required.

Let's add another option called reason. But make this one a Text option and not required.

Turn the flow on in BotDisco by clicking the switch in the top right, and after a few seconds you should see this in Discord.

It's good to let people know why they were slapped.

2. Choices

Sometimes you don't want just any value for an option. You want to give a list of choices to pick from.

For example, let's only let people pick from a list of choices for why they are slapping someone. Here's how that looks...

Make sure to turn the flow on and try it out in Discord!

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